Mom doesn't want my babyfather in the house


September 30, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am a young woman. I have two children, and I am living with my mother. My mother does not want the children's father to visit them. Whenever he comes to see them, he has to stay outside. So, for that reason, when he comes, he takes them away and brings them back at nights.

I don't always want the children to leave with him, and I want us to sit and talk as a family, although we are not yet married. My mother always says that if I don't leave him, he is going to "breed me again". She said she heard that he has other women. He told me that he doesn't have any other woman.

When I want to go out with him for us to be alone, my mother does not want to keep the children. I went out one evening and we ended up at one of his friends' house. He only had $10,000 to give to me for the children, and we wanted to spend some time together, but we could not pay for a room. His friend allowed us to use his room. While we were there, his friend's girlfriend came and created a scene. She wanted to know who gave us authority to use her boyfriend's room. All this was because of my mother. You would not know how much I hate her.

We are trying to get a decent place to rent, so that the children and I can move out and live as a family.


Dear V.H,

I understand what you are saying. Your mother is behaving as an ignorant woman. She does not like your children's father, but he is already in the family and he should be treated with respect.

Nothing is wrong with having this man sit with you and his children when he comes to the house. Her attitude is very bad. What she says she heard about him doesn't have to be true. But whether or not it is true, that should not cause her to treat him with disdain.

Too bad that you suffered such humiliation at the house you and your boyfriend were using. I hope that you and this man will get married soon and live together as a family.


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