Caught my grandmother having sex with her godson


October 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 15 and I am living with my grandmother. I have been living with her for five years. My father and my mother were not married.

My father got married to another woman and he didn't support me well.

My mother told me that when she got pregnant, he didn't believe that the child was his. She used to have a hard time, so she became friendly with another man, but I was not that man's child.

It was after I was getting big that my grandmother, who I am now living with, told my father to take me to her because she had enough room and I am her only female grandchild.

My grandmother was very strict with me, but there was nothing that I needed that she would not give to me. The children at my school were always jealous of me.

One day I wasn't feeling well at school and the nurse told me that I should go home. My period was very heavy and I was feeling weak.

I tried to call my grandmother, but she wasn't answering. I couldn't take the bus, so I took a taxi home, and when I got home I saw her car and just as I was about to open the grille, I heard strange noise.

I realised that my grandmother was in there and that she had company.

I went around to her bedroom and a man was in there with her. I was shocked, so shocked I couldn't stand there. I couldn't believe that my 62-year-old grandmother was having sex and she and her husband are not separated. He was away doing business in the US.

You should hear how my grandmother and that man were carrying on, and the man was younger than her. At one time, my grandmother was asking him to go easy on her.

I sat outside for over an hour and after the man left, I went in. I knew him. He is my grandmother's godson and he always comes by whether grandfather was home or not.

I did not let my grandmother know that I was at home for a long time. She said to me that her godson had just come by.

My grandmother is very prominent in the church and she is always telling me not to have sex, and I must wait until I am married before I engage in that.

Sometimes when I think about it, I wonder if I should tell my grandfather.

This man who she claims is her godson has been to the house many times after that incident. He is always bringing things for us, such as breadfruit and ripe plantain, but I don't trust them anymore.

He has never gone to her bedroom while I am at home. He does everything for my grandmother, such as taking care of her car. She does not know that I know that they are having sex.

Pastor, please for your advice.


Dear Granddaughter,

I suggest that you keep your mouth shut. You are only 15 and your grandmother is supporting you well, along with the help of her husband.

Don't do or say anything that would cause her distress and to hate you. You are still a child.

Your father has not supported you well. Remember your grandmother is your father's mother and it is likely that if you were to say anything bad about his mother, he would curse you and call you a liar and a troublemaker.

It is likely that he would also say that his mother is an upright woman and she would not lower her standard by having sex with her godson. You may jeopardise your future.

Where would you go if your grandmother says that she doesn't want you in her house? You know what you saw and heard, but this is not the right time to say anything about it.

It won't be long before you have your exams and head to university.

Your career would mean much to you, and you are going to need the help from your grandmother and grandfather, or even your father, so don't blow the opportunity.


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