Convinced my man is cheating


October 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I live with my man and whenever we are having sex, he doesn't kiss or hug me and he doesn't even tell me that he loves me. I am working and I go home every two weeks.

One day I was leaving to go back to work and a woman called him. He didn't answer. I asked him why he didn't answer and he said it was a wrong number.

At nights he puts the phone under the pillow and that caused a fuss between us. He is cheating. I know he is. I want to leave him but I don't know how to go about it. I need your help.


Dear C.J.,

How can a man have sex with a woman and not hug her? I can understand that they don't have to kiss, but a husband not hugging his wife or a wife not hugging her husband? Strange indeed.

I think you are smart enough to know that by this man's behaviour he is involved in another relationship. You should cease having sex with him without protection. He may pass on STI to you.

You say you go home every two weeks. What you need to do if you truly intend to leave this man is first of all ask him if he is willing to meet with a family counsellor.

If he agrees, make an appointment. If he doesn't agree, try to seek a place and move from his house.

If you have children together, let the children know what is happening between the both of you. Perhaps they may want to talk to their father before a final decision is made.


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