Side chicks say it's not my man's baby


October 14, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old, and I am writing this letter to you with tears in my eyes. At present, I am pregnant with my second child. My boyfriend got me pregnant when I was in high school, and I went back to school after I had my baby.

My aunt is a teacher, so while I was pregnant, I stayed with her and she helped me. I sat my CXCs and passed. Foolish me, I got pregnant again, and nobody is willing to help me. I went to live with my boyfriend and he gives me food and everything I want, but I am unhappy because he has other girls and they are constantly calling me and telling me to leave their man alone. One of them told me that I can't expect to have him for myself alone, and that she had him before me.

When I complain, my boyfriend does not give me any satisfaction. He tells me I should not answer these girls, I should hang up on them. They say the child I am carrying is not his.

My father told me I can come home, but my boyfriend cannot come to his gate. I love my boyfriend so I am not going to go home. My boyfriend is very popular. He is on Facebook with these girls. I am waiting to see if he is going to change. I want to go to college. My father says I should get rid of the baggage. That's how he describes my boyfriend.

I told him that he must use the condom when he is having sex with me. I made sure I bought them, and he is using them. He doesn't argue when I say put on a condom. That tells me that he is having sex with the other girls. I should have my baby in January.

Do you think I should leave him? Thanks for your fatherly advice.


Dear O.F,

Evidently, your boyfriend is a very wild man. You have made mistakes, but it is time for you to come to your senses and do what is right. Your parents love you. When you became pregnant with your first child, they didn't curse you. Your aunt tried to help you. You sat your exams, and you did well. You should not have allowed yourself to become pregnant again.

Now that you are pregnant with the second child, you are being bombarded by your boyfriend's girlfriends. They want you to leave him so that they can totally take him over. You are not able to deal with them, and your boyfriend continues to have them as his lovers and telling you that you should ignore them. These girls are not going to leave you alone unless he stands up for you and let them know that you come first in his life.

I suggest that after you have given birth, you return to your parents' home and turn over a new leaf. Let your parents know that you will not allow yourself to be used by this man, and you are willing to go to college. They will help you to get an education if you end the intimate relationship with this guy who is making your life a living hell.


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