I think my aunt is getting bun


October 19, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 15 and in high school. I like my school. I have an aunt teaching at my school, but I can't tell her what is happening.

Her boyfriend, is also a teacher at the school, but he also has another girlfriend who is a teacher at the same school.

My aunt doesn't know that I know, but some of the students know and they talk about it.

I talked to him about it. I asked him if he loves my aunt and he said yes. He said the other teacher loves him but he doesn't love her. They are only co-workers.

One day, I told my aunt what the students have been saying and she said the students must mind their business and get out of big people's business.

She said people say that the other teacher is his girlfriend, but that is not true. I asked her when is she going to get married and she said she is not chasing man or marriage.

He hardly comes to see my aunt. She goes to see him, but I don't know if it is at his house. He is a good teacher and lots of the students like him.

I hope he marries my aunt. His birthday was in April and she bought him two lovely shirts and a tie. I saw him in one of them. The other teacher didn't buy him anything. Maybe she is giving up on him.


Dear Student,

The students should concentrate on their lessons and stop watching their teachers. If your aunt is in love with this male teacher and both of them are conducting themselves well, nothing is wrong with that.

These are single people and if they are living exemplary lives, they should be left alone. They are not doing anything that is against the code.

You were brave enough to ask the male teacher if he loves the other female teacher. He didn't have to answer you, but he did by saying that it is the teacher who loves him.

He may or may not be lying. Time will tell. Don't do or say anything in school to embarrass your aunt.


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