Our mother is driving us crazy


October 20, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I hope that you are doing well. I have a problem with my family. My mother has six of us. My second-eldest sister is 31 years old.

I am 21 and my other sister is 18. We try to ensure that the house is not in need of anything, especially food.

My eldest sister doesn't live with us, but she has been trying to make life better for us since she was 19. She has been sending me to school since I was in grade seven straight up to college.

I got an associate degree and so did my 18-year-old sister. My youngest sister finished community college this year and got a very good job at a company that pays really well and has a lot of benefits.

But my mother makes living at home unbearable for everybody. My eldest sister built two bedrooms, a bathroom and a washroom on the house and had to leave it because every day, mummy got up and cursed about something else.

My younger sister and I need our own furniture, so we started our own room as an addition on the house as well.

Mummy doesn't want the place to fix up and look attractive. The three of us came together and are trying to make life comfortable for everybody, including her, and she is saying we are fixing up the house to run her out. She even pulled a knife at my sister because she wore one of her pants.

The only thing mummy has to do in the house is give our other two younger sisters lunch money. My elder sister and I take care of supermarket bills and everything else.

So, pastor, half of the money we make goes back to running the house and she doesn't appreciate it. She wanted us to give her $1,000 each time we get paid to buy breakfast items and we said no because food is in the house and she made a scene about it.

If you were to come in our community on a Sunday when she's at home and you were to ask whose house is the noisiest in the community, people would tell you that it is hers.

We are planning to move out November and rent somewhere because we can't take it anymore. She cursed and said she doesn't like me and I should have died when I was born.

Pastor, she has help and doesn't appreciate it. We could have rented a place and moved out long ago, but because we wanted to relieve some burden off her, we took some of the responsibility.

Pastor, I am a feisty girl and when I hear someone talk something bad about me I have to answer. When she says anything to me, I answer back.

I know I am not supposed to do so, but I do it because the stuff she says hurts. The bottom line is that we are all trying to be comfortable and make life better for everybody in the house, but she is not allowing us to do so, so we are moving out.

If there is anybody in Montego Bay selling or renting a house, please inform us. If anyone is travelling and needs someone to take care of their house, we would appreciate hearing from them.

I urgently await your response.

Initial Withheld

Dear Writer,

I need not comment on the problems that you and your siblings are having with your mother.

I do believe that your sisters and your have taken the correct decision, and that is to find a place and move out and live on your own.

I wish you well as you establish a home of your own.


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