Worried I might get pregnant


October 21, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 years old and I need your advice. I am praying that nothing will happen to me because I am doing well in school and I have ambition.

My sister, who is 18 years old, and I went to wash in the river and her boyfriend decided to meet us there. I have a boyfriend but he didn't know that we were going to the river.

He called me just before we left home and I told him where we were going. He said all right. My sister and I washed, and then her boyfriend showed up, and she told me that she would be back soon.

I was there with the clothes. I spread out those that we washed for them to dry. Where my sister went with her boyfriend, I could not see them.

When my boyfriend came, he said I should stop washing. I shouldn't overwork myself, and my sister is gone. We were there in the water and he was playing with my private part until he pulled off my underwear and pushed his penis into me.

It didn't even last for five minutes. He discharged in me and cursed a bad word, because he came so quickly. I asked him what happened and he said he was too anxious to have sex with me and that is why he came so quickly.

About 15 minutes after, my sister came back. I asked her why she stayed so long and if it was because she was having sex, and she said "nuh must."

We finished washing the rest of the clothes and when they were half-dried, we went home.

I am fretting every day and hoping that nothing will happen to me. This is the third time this guy and I were having sex.

The first two times he used a condom. We were prepared to have sex, but this time we weren't prepared.

My boyfriend says that I am fretting too much, but I have to fret because I don't want to drop out of school and people would say that I don't have any ambition.

My mother warned me of this guy already. He is not working and he smokes ganja, but I like him. When I talked to him he says that he is going to change. Pray that I will not get pregnant.


Dear E.L.,

I must tell you that it is too late to pray that you won't get pregnant. Prayer doesn't work like that. If a woman does not want to get pregnant, she has to protect herself.

She should not have unprotected sex. If she has unprotected sex, it is likely that she will get pregnant.

If she did not protect herself, she may prevent pregnancy by taking another action soon after she had sex, but I am not prepared to say what it is right now. And as a matter of fact, it is not something you can do now, it is too late.

It is over a month since you had unprotected sex with this guy. I would say that you are a very careless girl and your boyfriend is irresponsible. Older folks in Jamaica would say that you have hard ears.

Your mother warned you about him but you fooled around with him just the same. It would be sad indeed if you got pregnant, but if you are pregnant, I encourage you to carry the pregnancy, and I wish you well.


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