She complains about my small penis


October 25, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old, and I am a regular reading of your column. I have a girlfriend. She is 25 years old. Whenever we have sex, she is always complaining that my penis is too small. I am so embarrassed by what she says. She says I am not able to satisfy her. She is my first girlfriend. Whenever she doesn't see me, she would call me all night. She is working, but I am finishing up school. She gives me money, but she talks about it.

I grew up with my grandmother, and I am still living with her. My parents are in America, and they are helping me. As soon as I am finished with school, I am going to leave Jamaica. My girlfriend says that we should get married before I leave so that she can join me. I told her that we will see about that because if I am too small for her now, and my penis is not growing, I will not be able to satisfy her. She said I will be able to handle my tool by that time. She is a very pretty girl, but it seems to me that she would cheat. She is very slim, and I don't understand how such a slim person could have such a large private part.

My grandmother says that she looks like a girl who would want to rule me. I would love to hear your opinion.


Dear A.B,

Try to live on what your parents send for you and on what your grandmother is able to give you from time to time. Try also to get a part-time job and earn some money to help you along. End the relationship with this girl who is constantly telling you about the size of your penis. She is looking for much more than you can offer her in bed.

Your grandmother is right. She would like to control you. What is always on her mind is sex, and any girl who is constantly telling a man that he is too small is likely to cheat. She is probably in this relationship because she sees you as someone who would be able to get her to live abroad.

The size of her body has nothing to do with the size of her vagina.


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