I denied getting my side chick pregnant


October 26, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem, and I need your help. I am living with a woman, but I also have another girl who is pregnant for me. She called my girlfriend and told her that she is carrying my baby, and I told my girlfriend that she was lying on me.

My girlfriend does not have any children for me. She got pregnant once and had a miscarriage. Some people said that she aborted the baby, but I knew that was not true. This girl who is pregnant for me comes from a good family. I didn't mean to get her pregnant, but the condom broke. I realised it and told her what had happened, but she did nothing about it.

When she told me that she got pregnant, I did not doubt her. I asked her if she wanted to carry the pregnancy and she said yes. I thought she would keep quiet about it because she knew that I had a girlfriend, but she has been telling her friends that it is my child.

I don't want my girlfriend to leave me. So when she asked me if the child is mine, I told her no. So, she cursed the girl and told her not to call my name. I have been trying to keep away from the pregnant girl.

I went to my mother and told her my plight. My mother spoke to her and told her that everybody in the family would chip in and help her to buy baby clothes and to give her whatever she needs for the baby.

My mother said that she said thanks, but if anybody asked her who is the father, she is going to call my name. She said that if my girlfriend doesn't stop calling her a liar, when she has the baby and feels strong, she would tear her to pieces. My mother told me that I should tell my girlfriend the truth. I know that if I do, she is going to leave me because I have already lied to her. But, Pastor, I did not mean to get this girl pregnant. I have made a big mistake.

Do you think I should tell my girlfriend the truth? I am looking for your answer in THE STAR. This woman who is pregnant for me is five years older than I am and this is her second child. If my girlfriend leaves me, I will have to marry her because it is my fault and I should have had newer and stronger condoms. So, please, give me your fatherly advice.


Dear R.G.,

I suggest that you tell your girlfriend the truth and let the chips fall where they may. You made a mistake by getting involved with this woman, and you should not blame her for telling her friends that you are the one responsible for her pregnancy. You told your girlfriend that this woman who is pregnant is lying on you. You have accused her of lying and your girlfriend is upset over what she has been saying, but you know that she is not lying.

I am glad that your mother has intervened and has assured the woman that the family would assist her with baby things, etc. But this woman is not going to be satisfied. She wants everybody to know that you are responsible for her pregnancy and she does not appreciate what your girlfriend is saying about her. Even if you have to ask your mother to go to the house and explain to your girlfriend why you were fearful of telling her the truth, you should do so. If your girlfriend wants to walk away from you after hearing the truth, it would be up to her, but be a big man. Face the issue, and do it before the young woman has given birth.


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