I had sex with the helper's daughter


October 27, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old and the first girl I had sex with was the daughter of our helper. She is 18 years old. She was always peeping on me. The helper has worked with us for five years, so when she came to work with us, she told my parents that she didn't have anyone to leave her daughter with.

My mother and father discussed the matter, and my mother convinced my father to allow her to come and to bring her daughter. They had their own room. They became a part of our family. This girl was almost like a sister to me, but she knew that I was not her brother. One day she touched me on my penis, and I told her not to do that. She asked me if I am not a man. I threatened to complain to my parents, but I didn't.

Her mother was there, and I told the mother to tell her that she must learn to behave herself. Her mother laughed and right before her, she said, "You heard what he said, behave yourself," and that was the end of the story. One day she could hear that I was in the bathroom and she peep on me. I pulled her in the bathroom and told her that I was going to have sex with her. She shouted out that she was having her period.

I did not believe, so I touched her down there and she was seeing her period for true. She ran out. One day I asked her if she ever had sex, and she said no.

Pastor, I could do anything with this girl because her mother trusted me with her. One day we were at home and her mother was taking a nap. I invited her into my room and we had sex. She told me that now that we did it, I could not have any other girlfriend. She wrote me a note and my mother saw it, and told her mother that we were having sex. My mother asked me about it, and I told her that the girl was lying on me.


My mother said we have no right to be having sex in her house. She asked her mother to send her away. I feel so sorry. She is now living with her aunt, but I love this girl more than I love my girlfriend. We still see each other, but not often, and we still have sex. My parents would die if they knew that it is still happening.

Every time we have a disagreement, she tells me that she is going to tell my mother that I am a bad boy. I like her because she has ambition. She plans to be a journalist.


Dear N.K.,

This girl is quite right; you are a naughty boy, but she can describe herself as being naughty, too. She was the one who was touching your private parts, and according to you, she was peeping on you. I am glad you did not get this girl pregnant.

Her mother did not expect her to get involved with you. She was indeed very naOve, because both of you were teenagers in the same house and you were not related.

I am glad that your parents did not fire her mother and that this girl is living with an aunt. I am appealing to you to be careful. Both of you are still having sex. Make sure you do not get this girl pregnant. Your parents would not be able to prevent both of you from getting together, but you should be a gentleman. And if both of you insist on having sex, please use the condom.


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