Too many men invest in 'hairy bank'


October 27, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 60 years old and I have been reading your column for a long time. My husband died four years ago, and I have been searching for a good man. Now, I have given up. I don't want to have any man in my life anymore. I am about to retire, and I want to enjoy my grandchildren. I have my own home and my inheritance.

Every man I meet, has have less money than what I have. And what that means, Pastor, is that these men are going to live on me. I always ask them what they have done with their money, and most of them can't give me a good answer.

My father used to tell my brothers to be careful and not to put all their money in 'hairy bank'. All these men have done is to chase women and put their money in hairy bank. I am not writing you because I need a man. I am not hard up. I just want to say, Pastor, you are doing a good job. Keep it up.


Dear R.S.,

I congratulate you for working hard and for saving your money. Evidently, you have made good investments. You say that you are not interested in getting a man anymore. I hope that you will enjoy the fruits of your labour and also enjoy the blessings that your grandchildren can bring to you.

In general, I wish you well. Write me again.


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