My wife thinks the neighbours 'obeahed' her


November 02, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I hope you are doing well. I am a regular listener to your talk show. I don't go to bed until you sign off, and I read your column every day. I got married some years ago.

You performed the ceremony. My wife was pregnant at the time. Unfortunately, the child died. People say that my wife killed the child.

Her finally believe in necromancy. They say that the child got a blow and it was not meant for her, it was meant for my wife, but it hit the child instead of my wife.

My wife believes what she heard and I am having a hard time trying to get that out of her head. I talk with the people she accused of sending the evil spirit to hit he child.

She wants me to stop talking to them. She calls them her enemies, but I do not have any proof that these people are involved in necromancy.

Our child died five years ago and my wife has never got pregnant again. She used to waste my money by going to obeah men, but now she has given up.

Now she is pressuring me to move from where we are living, because she can't bear to see our neighbours. I told her I have nowhere else to go. She had two children before we got married and I had three.

I told her that it is time to put wanting to have more children aside and be satisfied with the children that she has. She said she wants us to go away because too many wicked people are living in Jamaica.

I am not leaving Jamaica, but I wouldn't stop her from leaving.


Dear P.S.,

It is very sad to know that your wife believes that your neighbours have some sort of power to stay in their home and command that power to strike your child and kill her.

I have heard people say that someone has got ill, or the person has died, because that person received a blow. This is not a blow one receives from an accident.

What they mean is that some evil spirit has attacked their loved ones. So, when folk told your wife that someone sent a blow to her but it hit your child, she wants you to accept that as reality.

Some people would describe that as nonsense, but to your wife, it is not rubbish and you would never get that belief out of her.

People who believe that there are those who possess such power give these persons lots of money to work for them. They have more confidence in them than in doctors.

I congratulate you for standing firm. You haven't accepted what your wife said or heard. Try to live in harmony with your neighbours.

You don't have to run in and out of their home, but you shouldn't be accusing them of things you cannot prove. Do your best to save your marriage. Do not allow your wife to control you.

Support her and give her what she needs to run the house, but if she insists that she wants to leave and go abroad, don't try to prevent her, because she is already making life difficult for you, and it is likely that she will continue doing so.


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