Looking for my Jamaican family


November 03, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am writing this letter for the following reasons. I am seeking help in finding my family members that are on the island. The only name I am able to provide is my father, who died in 1989.

I am going to provide a lot of details so that you will be able to help me in my search to find my family in Kingston, Jamaica.

My father's name is Phillip Franseca Mills Sr. He was banned from the country when he was young, but he was very known to the people in his town.

It was a very rough and poor area in the '70s and '90s. He was known as 'Denis' or 'Jah Dee'. His childhood best friend was Kenneth Black, who I was named after, in the early 1980s to late '80s.

He was a producer at a record company called Studio 1 Records. He produced a record that was made by Gregory Isaacs.

It was dedicated to my mother, and she has the first record with the autograph along with photos. To be honest, it was the first record to be pressed into vinyl.

Now that I have given you some information to work with, this may help in my search even more. There are plenty of musical stars from the older days who may remember my father or might have worked with him on the musical level.

Another close friend to my father was Super Cat, who I know lives in New York. His son, Lil Cat, resides on the island. My name is Kenneth Franseca Mills.


I was born on February 7, 1983. I am in prison here in Florida with no way to actually do the searching for myself.

These are the things that I know from my mother telling me as a child and, to be honest, my mother constantly tells me that she fears that something will happen to her due to the type of people that were attached to him and his lifestyle as a rude boy outside of his professional career.

I do know that before he left the island, he had many brothers, and sisters. My mother always talked about one of his brothers who goes by the name of Tony Mills, and one of his sisters named Rita Mills.

These are the only names that I know of besides the stories that my mother used to tell me. She also told me about his friend in the music business who used to visit our home when I was a child living in Miami, Florida.

My father died in October 1989, before his birthday, in Miami. I do know that he helped many people.

Since his death, my mother hasn't had any contact with any of his family, because some of them told my mother that they do not approve of her being an American and not a Jamaican.

She was married to him and she still carries his last name.


Dear K.M.,

I am sure that I will receive calls about your letter. Your father was well known. Any information I received I will try to pass on to you. I wish you well.


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