Babymother doesn't want to sleep with me anymore


November 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I hope you are doing fine. I have been reading your column since I was in high school. I am 23 and my girlfriend is 22.

We have been together for four to five years now. I helped her in the last year of school so she could continue her education.

She got pregnant and had a baby after she left school. I was happy that she carried my son into the world.

I was working so I had to provide for us and my mother at times. I stopped working soon after she had the baby. I could not hustle any money so my mom did what she could to help us.

I got another job but it was on a construction site. It was not a permanent job. I tried to get another job. She got a job and within a month, she changed on me.

The work she does is not an 8-to-4 job. She goes to work early in the morning and comes home the next day. Sometimes she comes home like 11 p.m, sometimes later. Whenever she comes home, she wants to rest because she has to go back to work.

From my son was born, we have not had sex often. If I ask her for sex, she wants to know if I only have her for sex.

She used to take days off so we could be together, but now she has stopped and is starting to go shopping because if she is at home, I am going to want to have sex with her.

She does every little thing to make a fuss.

I try my best to help assist with my son. I am waiting until next week to start my new job. I love this girl but when it comes to sex, she is mean with her body.

From the year has started, I can only count three times that we had sex. I told her as soon as I find a good girl, I am going to leave her because at the moment I don't know what she wants from me.

I told her that if she finds someone who is treating her better than I am, she should go with him, or if she became a lesbian, she should stay with the girl.

I don't know what to think of this girl anymore. Our parents want us to live in harmony. I told them that it is not going to work out because I cannot see myself having a woman and can't touch her, much less to have sex with her.

She does not even kiss me again because I met another girl and ended up kissing her after I went out on a date with her. I told my babymother what took place but I couldn't see myself having sex with the other girl because my son was very young at the time.

I smoke weed now just to calm myself down, but I promised to help her with the house and then I am done with her because at the end of the day, it is going to benefit my son.

Thank you for the help you always give people.


Dear H.B.,

This woman is trying to send you a message but you are very slow. She is trying to tell you that now that she is working, she can do without you.

She needs your help with the house that you are building for her and your son. But she resents you and she would do anything in her power to stay away from you.

If you were to check out this woman at her workplace, you might discover that she does not have to work these weird hours.

Wake up, my friend; this woman does not want to have sex with you. I do not know if she is having sex with another man, but I know that it is not because she has become a Christian why she is not interested in having anything sexually to do with you.

Make your plans and leave this woman because in her heart she has already left you. You are wasting your time sticking around.


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