Husband excited about 'jacket' baby


November 23, 2017

Dear Pastor,

This is the second time that I am writing to you. The first time I wrote you, I told you that my husband has a low sperm count, and you told me that he should go to the doctor and follow the doctor's advice. I also told you that the doctor told me that nothing is wrong with me.

My husband and I are eager to have a child together. I had a child before we were married. He is with his father. As the days go by, I have become very concerned that my husband will never get me pregnant. Sometimes I can see the frustration on his face. If my period is late, he says to me that maybe something is happening and when my period comes, he is so disappointed. I really wanted to get pregnant.

I had another boyfriend before I got married. We always talk on the phone, and he would tease me because my husband cannot get me pregnant. Sometimes we laughed about it, but I never liked when he said those things about my husband. I thought about it, and I told him that whenever he comes to Jamaica I will let him "fire live shots". He asked me if I was serious, and I told him yes. Whenever we talk, he keeps reminding me that I promise to have sex with him.


Some months ago, he came to Jamaica and was staying in a hotel. He called me and I went to see him. My husband took me to work, but I asked for time off and I went to where he was staying. I got there about 2 o'clock, and he took me to his room. I spent about an hour and a half with him just making love.

I am so ashamed of myself to say this, but he is better than before when we used to have sex. I went back to work and my husband picked me up and took me home. While in his car I said to myself, "if you ever knew what I did, you wouldn't have me in your car." He always ask me how things were at work and this time he said, "How was your day?" and I said "good". During the night, he touched me and wanted to have sex, but I told him I was tired. I couldn't do it. But, I did it the following night.

I am now pregnant. My husband is so happy, but I know that this child I am carrying is not his. I just know it. He is already saying that if it's a boy he would be junior, and if it's a girl, regardless of what name I am going to give her, he is going to call her 'Precious'. I will never admit that I had sex with another man. I want this child.

Even if my husband suspects that something is wrong, he would have to take it as his own. His people are very happy to know that I am pregnant, and I see them spoiling this child. I did not know that I would ever get into this kind of situation.

My friend told me that if my husband become suspicious and doesn't want me, he would take me over totally because his love for me has never died.

Now, Pastor, what do you have to say about my problem?


Dear S.T.,

You are a very brave woman. Aren't you afraid that your husband may see your letter and suspect that you wrote to me? I suppose it is unlikely for him to suspect you, because there are many women whose men are unable to get them pregnant. You women are so clever. It is difficult for men to believe you all or disbelieve you.

I can only say to you that I hope that whatever happens in the future, this child would be well supported and I beg you to take care of your husband and don't continue to have an intimate relationship with this 'bunna man'. You say you will never admit that you had sex with this man, but a DNA test may prove that you are a deceiver. Your husband may never ask you to leave his house or he may never leave because he was so anxious for a child.

But, my dear, what about your conscience? And suppose this 'bunna man' should want to do something for the child, how would you handle that? Time will tell.


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