My girl is too 'tight' to be cheating


November 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am having a problem. I have a girlfriend, but I found out on the road that I am not her only man. She said people are lying on her. I love this girl to my very heart. I have taken her to different places. Right now, I am paying a special partner for her. I will get my draw two weeks before Christmas, and my partner draw is $70,000. She will get all of it. When I asked her if she is cheating, she said no and that I should not ask her that because I know she is not cheating.

I am a man with some experience, and I know when a woman is cheating. I don't have to go into all of this now, but when I have sex with her, there is no sign that she is cheating. I discussed it with an older lady, and she said she does not know if my girlfriend is cheating, but a woman can cheat and a man doesn't know. She told me how and what the woman who is cheating can do.

I don't think my girlfriend has that type of experience. I don't want to leave her because when I was not working, she helped me to pay my rent. I owe her gratitude.

We are planning to get married next June. One of the men her name is linked to is her cousin. They are very close, but I don't think it is more than that.

I want you to give me your best advice.


Dear O.B.,

You have no reason to believe that your girlfriend is cheating. You consider her a very good woman, and it should remain that way. Don't doubt or accuse her of anything unless you have very good reasons for doing so. Some persons are just troublemakers. They must learn to mind their own business.

On the other hand, I wish to caution you about praising yourself. You said that you know when a woman is cheating, and I know for sure that you are talking about the condition of her vagina. My friend, these are modern days, and if a woman cheats she knows what to do her vagina would never let her down. She can be as tight as ever, but I will leave it there.

The advice of this much older woman you spoke to should not be taken lightly. I wish your lady and yourself the very best. Both of you should take care of each other. Your girlfriend seems to be a good woman.


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