My jealousy might affect the relationship


November 24, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 27 years old and most of my friends are males. They can call me anytime. My fiancE and I are living together, and it is nothing to him when these guys call me. When my phone rings, he does not answer it. He takes it to me. But, I don't like it when girls call him. I get jealous. He is very handsome, and I believe that he will cheat, but he knows that I will not cheat on him.

He manages a business, and whenever I go to the business place to see him, women are always around him and I get jealous. I told him how I feel. He told me that I should not come back to his office. But sometimes circumstances caused me to go and wait on him. He can be a perfect gentleman. When my friends meet him, they tell me how lovely he is to them.

I know that this relationship is going to be in danger if I continue to be so jealous. What is my problem?

Jealous Girlfriend

Dear Jealous Girlfriend,

You are not in such a bad shape as you think you are. What I mean by that is, you know what is your problem. You recognised that you are jealous, and you are wasting your time thinking and wondering whether your handsome man would cheat on you. You need to develop more confidence in your man and more pride in yourself. You need to practise self-talk as often as possible. Tell yourself that you are the best woman in the world and that there is no reason why your man would leave a good-looking, sexy girl like you and go to other women. You are everything that he needs. You have what it takes to keep him happy. You can give him lots of 'stay home'.

You are very fortunate to have this man, and he is very fortunate to have you. Both of you suit each other. You don't know him to be a cheater. You have to have more confidence in him. You should never harass him about going to another girl. Tell him so, and he would love to hear it from you. Don't give him the impression that you are watching him. That doesn't make sense.

Perhaps you had an ex-boyfriend who cheated and it affected you. Don't allow what happened with your ex-boyfriend to affect your present boyfriend. From time to time, give your boyfriend space. He needs space to be with the boys. Don't feel you always have to be with him. Allow your relationship to grow. Try to bury jealousy by developing more confidence in your fiancE. He trusts you, so you should learn to trust him, too.


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