Looking for a job in Jamaica


December 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I would like you to know how much I appreciate your column. Your advice is always relevant. You really tell it as it is.

I read your column every day. It is the reason why I buy THE STAR. I am living in the United Kingdom. I would like to come to work and live in Jamaica.

I have many Jamaican friends and I love and admire them. I would love to hear about the possibility of getting a job in Jamaica and the living conditions there.

I have worked in factories in the United Kingdom and I am qualified as a caregiver. I would love to hear from you. I am a hard worker.

Do you think the Jamaicans would welcome me as a foreigner to work among them? There are other foreigners who would like to work in Jamaica.

Kindly let me know whether you would advise me to come to Jamaica to work.


Dear Foreigner,

I would suggest that you contact the Jamaican High Commission in England and get information from them as to whether it is feasible for you to work in Jamaica as a foreigner.

They would advise you about what jobs are available and whether you are qualified to apply. I know that qualified workers are always welcome to work in Jamaica. I am glad that you have the desire to do so.

I am sure you can read the Sunday Gleaner online. Many companies advertise positions in the newspaper.

I suggest, therefore, that you take time to look at these, positions and to see whether you are qualified to fill any of these positions, then you may apply.

I wish you well.


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