Think my mother is going crazy


December 04, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 years of age and I'm having a serious problem that I would like you to help me with. My mother is 46 years old, and I don't know what is going on with her.

Lately, she has got very 'ignorant' and disrespectful. I think she's hallucinating because she says that some things are on her skin and on her face, and she keeps picking at them and saying that they need to come out because they are deforming her.

She picks her skin until it is sore and sometimes bleeds. She has lost a lot of weight and somehow doesn't look like the mother I used to know.

The simplest things get her 'dark' and arrogant. She doesn't care about anything anymore and has a very low self-esteem. No one at all can have a normal conversation with her.

I love my mom so much and don't want to see her go like this because that's the point where it's heading. She's been acting this way for one year straight and we have sought help from doctors, but they say they don't know what it is.

I strongly believe that she is suffering from mental illness, but your advice would be better from my perspective. Please, dear pastor, I really need your help.

I read your articles a lot and adore the way you advise people. I also used to attend your school, First Baptist Preparatory, and you were the best leader in charge.


Dear P.S.,

May I suggest that you accompany your mother to see a medical practitioner and that you ask the doctor whether he or she could refer her to a psychiatrist.

Her behaviour is abnormal, so she needs professional help. If she doesn't get help, her condition will worsen. I am very sorry to hear about the problem that she is experiencing.

Please, let me hear from you again. The matter is urgent. I will be praying for you and also for your mother.


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