J'cans overseas should help build the country


December 06, 2017

Dear Pastor,

Blessing to you, and sweet, sweet Jamaica. Please let your worldwide Jamaican listeners know that the only way we as Jamaicans far and near, especially those of us who live overseas, Canada, USA and UK, can help Jamaica is to get university educated, then return to Jamaica, and make our contribution.

I am a 45-year-old female who migrated to the USA in 2009. I got married to a wonderful Jamaican man, who retired from the US army. And because of this, I am able to attend school (university) full time to study human behaviour after which I will, along with my husband, return to Jamaica to live and help my fellow Jamaicans.

So, please pastor, let all Jamaicans know that without practical help we will not have a Jamaica. Words are not enough. Thank you again, pastor, for your wonderful radio show. It has touched my very soul. And yes, I can't wait to return to Jamaica for good.


Dear A.H.,

I am glad that you have had a good marriage, and your husband and yourself are doing well. I hope that you will indeed return to Jamaica and make your contribution. Education is indeed the best way forward. I pray that more people will get the opportunity to pursue formal education.


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