Cousin tried to take my virginity


December 08, 2017

Dear Pastor,

When I was 17 years old, I was visiting some of my cousins. My aunt and her husband were sleeping in one room, and my cousin and I were sleeping in the other room. Her brother, who generally didn't sleep there, came to spend the weekend. So, all three of us had to sleep on the same bed.

My cousin didn't think anything of it, so I did not say anything. She was sleeping next to me, but in the middle of the night, I felt someone feeling me up. So, I said to myself, "What is this?" I pushed away the hand, and then I realised that it was her brother, who had found himself between the two of us. He had his hand down in my panty. I got up and sat on a chair that was in the room. I also turned on the light, woke up his sister, and told her what he was doing.

She asked me if he had had sex with me and I said no, but told her that he was feeling my vagina. She cursed him and told him that she was going to complain to my aunt (who is their mother). He told her not to do it because he didn't mean to do anything to me. Since that day, I haven't like him. I did not say anything to his mother. I did not know that he would try to have sex with me, knowing that we are cousins. I told his sister that I wouldn't say anything about it. I asked her if he had ever tried to feel her up, and she said no. She said he is not that crazy.

My aunt says that I could come back anytime to spend time with them again. But, I told my cousin that I would only come if her brother is not going to drop in on us, and if we don't have to share the same bed. If you see this guy, he looks innocent, but I can't trust him.

I am a virgin, and I am proud of that. And every time I think about it, I realise that I could have caused that cruff, who is my cousin, to take my virginity from me without my consent.


Dear S.A.,

I am sure that your cousin with whom you were sharing bed didn't think that her brother would have found himself between the two of you and engage in fondling you. He is a worthless, good-for-nothing, and immoral man. Such a man cannot be trusted at all.

How could such a man, who knows better, try to rape you? He has no shame. You promised to keep quiet about it and not to tell your aunt. His sister is aware of what happened, so I doubt that if you were to go back there to visit them, this type of incident would not be repeated.

He told you that he did not intend to carry out any illicit act, but you are not foolish. If he did not intend to have sex with you, why was he fondling you? He cannot be trusted by any female, whether family or friend.


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