Husband left me when I got fat


December 08, 2017
@Normal:Ninety per cent of obese persons risk damaging their liver.

Dear Pastor,

I am lying down in my bed listening to you. My boyfriend is with me, but I cannot get him to 'stand at attention'. It is like that with him sometimes. I was once married, but my husband left me for a girl who is 22 years old. I am 42 years old and I am fat.

When I met him five years ago, I was slim, but he is the cause of me gaining weight. Every time he picked me up from work, we stopped to buy fast food, and we didn't cook during the week. On Saturdays we made soup, and on Sundays we cooked rice and peas and chicken. He can eat a whole lot and not put on weight. When I started to get very fat, I started to work out. But, he still left me.

Then, my husband got interested in the daughter of one of his friends. She got pregnant, but she lost the child. If my husband had known that she would have lost the child, he would not have told me that he was the one who got her pregnant. We don't have children together. I told him that I could not deal with the situation, so we agreed to separate. He is with the same girl, and I am with another man.

i love him

People think that I am with this man because he has money. But, I love him, and I am going to work with him. My husband knows about him, and we are not having any fuss about this man, and I am not fussing with him about his young girlfriend. My boyfriend is divorced. His business puts him under a whole lot of stress, but I am not putting him under any.

Please, tell me what you think about our relationship.


Dear A.K.,

I gather from your letter that you are not yet divorced. I am wondering why your husband did not see that you go on a reducing diet and work with you, instead of becoming sexually involved with another woman. I am also wondering whether your husband felt that perhaps you could not become pregnant, and he wanted a child, so he got involved with this 22-year-old young woman.

I wish you had said how long both of you have been married. Too bad your husband chose another woman, impregnated her, and then she lost the child.

You seem to be with a man of means, but he has a problem. He is probably not impotent, but under great stress. If you believe that you and this man have a future together, he will need professional help. Perhaps you should encourage him to see a medical doctor as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you should also discuss with your husband whether he would file for the divorce, or whether he would expect you to do so. He may suggest that you put half the money to pay the lawyer. If he insists that you should give half of the money, you should do so. You shouldn't have any problems getting the money from the man with whom you are sleeping.


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