I am losing my love for him


December 09, 2017
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Dear Pastor,

My husband seems less interested in me. He always has some excuse when I want to spend some time with him. He hardly spends time speaking with me on the phone when he is not at home. He always has something to do or somewhere to go. When he doesn't speak to me by phone, he complains that something is wrong with it. I do not want to believe that he is cheating.

He is in his sixties. He says that I am too strict and I am stressing him out. I am now losing my love for him and if I decide to leave him that will be it. There will be no turning back. I know that God hates divorce and I do want to love him and do the Godly thing. When I ask my husband direct questions, he says I should not be asking him such things. I am running out of options. I do not know how to speak to him. We once had the type of relationship where we would do everything together and discuss all issues.

He claims that he will never hurt me nor cheat on me. He also says that he shouldn't have to remind me that he will not cheat, but my insecurities are as a result of his actions. We are not as close as we once were. At times, I feel so lonely. I don't believe in cheating or telling women my problems. I am praying that God shows me an answer.

Pastor, I am so overwhelmed and I am not receiving the answers I need. I am too old to start over. Please, tell me what you think.


Dear M.K.,

You know your man and you recognize that something is going wrong in the relationship. Therefore, you should take the matter in hand and suggest to your husband that both of you should make an appointment to see a family counsellor. Your husband may say that he does not see any reason for doing so, but you should be ready to show him why counselling sessions are necessary.

Please, do not allow your relationship to deteriorate further. Deal with the matter right away.


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