She married me for a visa


December 09, 2017

Dear Pastor,

Keep up the good work you are doing and it's always a pleasure reading your column. Well, my personal experience of Jamaican girls is not good. I find that most of them are liars and deceivers, and will do or say anything to get money from a man.

I was married to a woman from Jamaica and brought her here to the United Kingdom, only to discover after three months with me that all she wanted was a British visa and she had her married lover in Jamaica throughout our courtship and marriage. Needless to say that I sent her back to Jamaica and divorced her.

I would like to warn other naOve unsuspecting individuals going into a long distance relationship or marriage, to make sure that they do their home work on the person they are marrying.


Dear E.G.,

You have had a failed marriage with a Jamaican woman. You have accused your wife of unfaithfulness. However, it is unfair to condemn all Jamaican women because of what you believed your wife did to you during your relationship with her. You ought to watch your mouth. Many of us have wonderful, faithful and loyal Jamaican wives. Some people unfortunately don't.

You need to learn that there are some British women who are not faithful to their husbands either. So, it is not because a woman is Jamaican why she is unfaithful. You ought to know better.

I wish you well, dear sir.


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