He left me after I bought him a car


December 11, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I'm a 27-year-old woman who has been with a man for two years and four months. Everything was going well between us. He's poor, so I try to help him financially. I bought him a car, took care of his bills, food, and also his medication when he is ill. I tried to give him everything that he wanted.

His ex-girlfriend, who was in the States, called him and said she was coming down to stay with him, and that she was sorry for what she did to him and for not being there for him. He told me that he was only going to make her come and stay with him because they had a bank account together and he wanted his money.

He said he would have to pretend that they were together and he couldn't tell her about me. She stayed with him for an entire month, and I only saw him twice per day, for about five minutes. Now that she's gone, he says that he loves me, but they are back together now. I love him so much and tried to leave him, but it drove me crazy. He is my first love. What should I do? And what should I do to stop loving him?


Dear P.S.,

This man is deceptive, and you need to recognise that he is a user. He has used you to get what he wanted out of you. Because you love him, you could not see him for what he really is. He is a pretender, a liar and he is untrustworthy. He has fooled you. Why do you want to continue with a man who has fooled you? He told you that he is in love with this woman who came and stayed with him. That should be enough for you to kick this man and run him.

You say that you love him. If you truly love him, it would indeed take time for you to forget him. But that does not mean that you should allow him to make a fool of you.

The love that he has for the other woman is not real. He is interested in both of you because he can get something out of each of you. He is not a good man. If you consider him dead, the love that you have for him will slowly die.

When two people are in love and one dies, it would hurt. But you have to bury the one who is dead - you don't have the body around your house,- and that is what you have to do with this man. Consider the love dead, and, in your heart, bury him. Save the money that you have. You are going to need the money. Don't waste it on this wretched man. He doesn't deserve it.


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