Friend using obeah oils to tie her man


December 21, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I have a friend that I am close to. I decided to let out her secret, because she is wicked. She wants to help me to do some bad things to a guy who lives in the district.

The guy's family does not like her, and she is doing all sorts of dirty things for him to love her. She bought oil of attraction, oil of come to me, oil of stay with me, don't leave oil, etc. I don't know if they worked, but she said that they did. However, I do not see how she can lead the guy as if he is a dog on a chain. It hurts me so bad because I have a brother.

Pastor, I am going to tell you another thing. She told me that she juiced her pad, and put it in something that she gave to him. She said that she did it so that he cannot leave her until she does not want him anymore. She said that it will not affect him now, and so by the time it does, she would have gotten what she wanted out of him, and then his mother would have him to deal with.

She is doing this to spite his mother because she does not love her. Yet, she is hurting the poor boy. I asked her whether she would like anyone to do the same things to her brother, and she just laughed. She said that he believes anything she tells him, and so he won't believe others, even if they tell him the truth. She is now boasting about how she told him lies about his mother and how he swallowed the pill.

She has some brothers, and one of them has a girlfriend that my friend does not like. She troubled the girlfriend, and her brother had a big fuss with her because of it. She even had to go to the police station. So, why is it that she wants the woman's son?

The guy attends university, and my friend is barely literate. She has a child already and his mother is worried as my friend's family has no character. People call their yard 'slaughter yard' because they kill people and are worthless. She said that she would do anything to move his mother out of the way in order to be happy. What are they going to tell God? Whenever she talks about these things, I feel hurt.

I want this guy to know what this girl is doing to him. I am trying to save a life. Please give me your honest opinion. God bless you.


Dear C.M.,

The purpose of you letter is to spread propaganda. If you are speaking the truth, why would you associate with such a nasty friend? Are you sure that you are not talking about yourself?

If you are trying to save a life, as you say, tell the man in the presence of the woman what she told you she is doing to him. I am aware that people do dirty things to others, so I repeat, if you know that this girl is doing dirty and unhealthy things to this man, talk to him about it in her presence.


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