I doubt that he love me


December 25, 2017

Dear Pastor,

I hope you are doing well. True love is real, because I have experienced it, but I doubt the other person love me. His actions towards me were in question. Eventually, the love was tested and failed. I was disappointed in the way it turned out. Obviously, he did not have true feelings for me. I want to forget him but it is not easy to do so right now.

The last time we spoke was in the summer. I knew him for nine years. He wanted me sexually, but I wanted us to be married because I live a chaste lifestyle. He was my first love.

I am not seeing anyone at the moment, because I am not over him as yet. I have moved on emotionally and I hope to love again.


Dear L.,

I hope that the Lord will enable you to forgive the man who has hurt you. You say that it is not easy to forgive him right now, and I understand. However, if you were to pray for him every day, you will find that the Lord will strengthen you, and He will remove the bitterness from your heart.

My prayers are with you.


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