In love with two men


January 03, 2018

Dear Pastor,

To make a long story short, I am in love with two Jamaican men. I will call them number one and number two. I have known and loved number one for 15 years.

We had an argument which caused us to break up, but we always seem to get back together privately.

I love, but I am not in love with number two. I have been with him for eight years. I love him more out of guilt. He left his wife and home for me.

I was still in love with number one but I was trying to hurt him. Now, eight years have passed and I now want to go back to number one because I realise that my love for him will never fade away.

If I leave number two, I know how it will hurt him. So, do I stay with number two out of guilt and know that I really do not love him the way I should, and be unhappy?

He is good to me. Or do I go with number one because I really do love him and know this time we really will be happy?

What am I to do? May God bless you.

Initial Withheld.

Dear Writer,

You are a con artist. You are a deceitful woman. You have practised deceit for many years and no man, I repeat, no man, should trust you.

You are iniquitous. For years, you have kept two men in your life and you have given each the impression that each of them is your one and only man. And you know that is a total lie.

You have used these men and have taken their money to maintain yourself. You have even been able to convince one of them to leave his wife and home and have you as his woman.

Do you really believe that you can get away forever with such wickedness? Can you understand why some men don't trust women at all?

Part of the reason why they don't is because of women like you. You are not in love with any of these men. It is their money that you love.

They can give you money, so you lie and tell them how you love them. You are living dangerously, so you better come to your senses now and end the relationship with these two men, especially the married man.

You should leave the married man alone. I am not wishing you anything bad, but you should know that you are living dangerously.

Some men do crazy things when they come to realise that women 'tek dem fi fool'. You need God in your life.


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