Parents approve of my boyfriend


January 08, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 and I love to read your column. From I was 15, I have been dating a guy. My parents did not object to it. My mother is white and my father is black.

My mother said that her father allowed her to date from she was 16. When my father's mother heard that I was going on dates, she accused my father of giving me licence to 'take man'.

My dad told her that she was wrong. He wasn't giving me licence to have sex; she said my dad was naive and stupid, because men are the same everywhere.

She asked my father if he wasn't seeing how my breasts developed early.

My boyfriend and I had sex on my 18th birthday. He behaved as a decent man. I can't blame him for anything.

When we had sex, my boyfriend did not force me, I was ready for it. I felt that I was a big woman, and my boyfriend started to tell me that he couldn't hold out anymore.

Pastor, I am in university. My boyfriend is helping me a lot. He does not want us to remain single for too long. He has a good job and my parents like him.

The only thing I did with two other guys was to kiss them, nothing more. I listen to your talk show every night. You are doing a good job. I listen to you when I am studying and I learn a lot. Keep up the good job.


Dear H.C.,

I am happy to hear that you have a good boyfriend and I am glad that your parents have accepted him, and that he is treating you well.

Now that you have started to have sex, you should be very, very careful. You said that your boyfriend could not keep out any longer.

I hope both of you will not become careless and that this man does not get you pregnant. I am not sanctioning what both of you are doing, I am just suggesting that since you want to have sex, you should protect yourself.

You have very liberal parents and they trust you, so I hope you won't let them down. I wish you well. I am glad that you enjoy reading my column and listening to my talk show.

I hope that you continue to do so and to encourage others to do the same.


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