My vagina is jumping


January 10, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 16 years old and I am living with my godmother. My parents left me with her because they broke up, after which my mother went abroad to see how she could make a living.

Recently. my father called me and told me that he is not on the island either, but he says that everything is going to be all right for the new year.

My godmother doesn't give me a break. She watches me a lot. She keeps telling me that my mother got pregnant with me when she was 16, so she does not want that to happen to me.

This woman doesn't want me to go anywhere, not even to night service. I am not a bad girl.

Pastor, my school friends told me how to deal with her so that she would not know whether or not I am having sex. I do like a boy, and he respects me.

He has never asked me to have sex, though I know he wants it sometimes. Do you know how I know? He is 18 and I keep watching him, and if he doesn't have his bag in front of him, he pushes his hands in his pocket and tries to hold his penis down.

My godmother has a man and he is always staring at me. I hate him so much. I don't trust him. When he comes to see my godmother, I always find things to do outside.

I asked my father if I am old enough to have a boyfriend and he said that I should wait until I am 17 and a half years old.

I told my boyfriend what my father said, and my boyfriend said that he will wait.

I love my father more than my mother. They broke up because my mother is very miserable.

She was always accusing him of keeping women with her. My father told me that it was only one Indian woman that he got mixed up with, and he told my mother about her. Every day she harassed him about her.

He had $1 million in the bank and my mother withdrew every cent and went away.

I will be 17 in June and I am doing well in school. Why does a girl's vagina jump? Sometimes that happens to me.


Dear F.M.,

According to Wikipedia, "Vaginal contractions are contractions of the pelvic muscles surrounding the vagina, especially the pubococcygeus muscle.

"Vaginal contractions are generally an involuntary muscular response to sexual stimulation, including sexual arousal, and are commonly most intense during sexual intercourse and culminating in orgasm.

"Though usually an involuntary response, some women can control the muscles of the vagina to perform vaginal contractions at will.

"Vaginal contractions enhance the sexual experience and pleasure for both parties during sexual intercourse. Vaginal contractions are caused by both the activity of certain brain regions and the release of the hormone oxytocin.

"It has been suggested that vaginal contractions during orgasm can increase the chances of pregnancy as they transport sperm up the reproductive tract from the vagina to the oviducts, which decreases the distance it has to travel.

"Additionally, when the woman is fertile, sperm is only transported to the side of the dominant ovary."

I would strongly suggest that you stay away from having sexual intercourse. Your boyfriend may encourage you to engage in the act with him, but you will not die if you do not have sex. And what you are experiencing is nothing unusual. Other girls experience the same thing, but boys always tell girls that when they are having such experiences, it is because their body is calling out for sex.

Men always find reasons for girls to have sex with them. You must not always believe them.

Concerning your godmother, she is overprotective. However, try to show her respect, and don't do anything that would cause her to believe that you would like to have your own way.

I am sorry to know that your parents are separated. I hope that your father will be in a position to support you fully very soon.


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