Scheming woman won't leave my fiance alone


February 03, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am living with my fiancE and my 11-month-old daughter. He and I operate a business together.

However, I'm having a huge problem. During the first month of our relationship, he cheated. This woman resides in the United Kingdom. She is 38 and separated from her husband.

The cheating started when she sent her friend to my boyfriend's business place to ask for his number. He provided the number and within 10 minutes she started messaging him.

He made it clear to her that he was not single, and that he has a previous babymother and a current girlfriend, and that the relationship could only be sexual.

They met the same night and for three nights straight they had unprotected sex. She told him that on her previous visit she came into his wholesale and saw him but he didn't remember her.

However, three weeks after she left, she sent him a pregnancy test picture, and made it clear that no boy or gyal can come between them.

I didn't believe that she was pregnant. I was in denial, but I started texting her as if I were him.

I told her that she had to get rid of the child because he has his family and he cannot be in a relationship like what she's trying to have. She refused and I eventually blocked her number.

Months went by and I unblocked her, and within a week she started messaging again, saying that she had a baby girl and asking if he wanted to add his name on the paper.

She didn't even know his correct name and asked him to send it to her. At that time I was pregnant with my daughter and was devastated to know that this woman started saying that she has my man's first baby girl.

Anyway, she kept texting his phone and calling at 5 in the morning while we were in bed. Basically, she tries to do everything to get attached to my fiancE but she uses the child as an excuse.

After my baby was born, I changed his profile picture on WhatsApp to our daughter, and that's when she started saying she's coming to Jamaica and she wants the child to meet her sister and his family.

She came to Jamaica about three months ago. Her mom and some friends came into the business place, pretending to buy goods, and just before she was leaving, the mother made an outburst to her friends that he was her daughter's babyfather in the presence of customers and workers.

Once again I felt broken and disrespected while he stood there and said not one word to them. We got into an argument the same night and I left, as we were supposed to attend my relative's set-up.

He went behind my back and to the house of the girl's father, where she and her mom were staying. They ended up on the road together and he brought her into our home and they ended up having sex once again.

This woman doesn't understand herself. She even sat down telling my fiancE that he can visit her house to stay, and that she wants to open a business with him in Ochi.

She even tells him that he should not put any woman over the child. I find this unfair when a woman seeks out a woman's man and tries to get pregnant for him in order to have some connection; she had this all planned.

He told her that he knew that she had planned all this and that he cannot give her what she wants because he loves me and he won't leave me for her.

I'm engaged and we are planning to have our wedding in March. Please, Pastor, I await your response as soon as possible.


Dear K.G.,

Your fiancE is a dangerous liar. He doesn't speak the truth, he can only fool you.

Your boyfriend is a careless and irresponsible man. And he doesn't care about how many women he can impregnate. He doesn't respect women.

To this day, your boyfriend is still playing around. He has unprotected sex with other women and he gives you the impression that the other women are after him and he is very innocent. Whether you marry this man it is up to you, but he is no one to brag about.


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