Babyfather wants sex when I ask for money


February 10, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 24 years old and I read your column every day. I have two boys; one is two and the other is three. They have different fathers, but it is the second father who is supporting both of them.

Every time I ask the first child's father for money, he wants me to have sex with him. I did so a few times because I was in need.

In December last year, I needed some extra money. I wanted to give my parents gifts, so I told my first child's father that he could pick me up after work.

When he came, the first thing he wanted us to talk about was sex. He wanted to take me to his house, but I said no. I asked him how much he was prepared to give me and he said $3,000.

I told him to take the $3,000 and stuff it you know where. He said he would give me $5,000 instead. I agreed to take the $5,000. He wanted everything for that $5,000, including oral sex.

I am thinking of taking him to court, but my boyfriend does not want me to do so. I can't tell my boyfriend that I had sex with him.

My boyfriend does not even like to hear his name. He said he does not want me to go to court. How else can I get money out of this man?


Dear T.W.,

It is regrettable that you had to humiliate yourself by doing what this man insisted that you do before giving you $5,000.

He is a very wicked man, and something has to be done to get him to support his child. You shouldn't have to go through such humiliation to get money out of him.

I know you cannot tell your boyfriend what you did to get some money from him in December. This man is a 'cruff'.

Your boyfriend does not want you to take him to court, but you should. You have to convince him that this man should not get away.

He ought to be made to support his child, and the court is in a position to do so. So, you have to convince your boyfriend that taking him to court is the right thing to do.


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