Lusting tor a teenage virgin


February 12, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am at this moment reading your column and decided to write to you. I am 24 years old and madly in love with a Jamaican girl. I have never had a girl like her.

She doesn't take anything from men and she calls me a non-Christian. She says that she is a virgin, but I am not sure because she is 19 years old.

She was dating the son of her pastor, but he was killed in an accident. She talks about the accident as if it were yesterday.

I would want to marry her, but I want to be sure that she is a woman. She doesn't want to go out with me because she is afraid that I will rape her, because I am always telling her that no other man will get her. I will see to it that will not happen.

She said her parents told her that they never had sex before they were married and she wants to follow in their footsteps. She said she would block me from her phone if I asked her for sex again.

I have been seeing another girl, but the relationship is strictly sexual and we have a good understanding when it comes to that. We have sex at least twice a week.

She is older than I and she lives in an apartment that is owned by her relatives. I told her about the girl that I love and she said I shouldn't force her to have sex with me.

This girl has a boyfriend who is studying medicine overseas. Sometimes I am with her when he calls her and she goes into the bathroom and talk to him.

I don't feel bad about that, because I am the 'bunna man'. I have never slept at her apartment. Whenever we are finished having sex, I have to leave.

I visited the 19-year-old girl's church, but she behaves as if she doesn't know me. She sings on the youth choir. When she saw me in church, she smiled, but that was all. I am wondering if when she gets older, she would give me a chance.

Y. B.

Dear Y.B,

This young woman has told you that she is not interested in having premarital sex. Why can't you accept what she says and leave her alone?

You know you are talking nonsense when you say that you would like to marry this young woman but you have to be sure whether she is male or female.

Judging from what you said, I could only conclude that this young woman is very intelligent and is from a godly home, and she would not allow you to fool her. She is not interested in you because she sees you as a devil.

You say that your sexual needs are being met. You have a sexual relationship with a woman whose partner is studying abroad. So you are having sex. You just want to capture this 19-year-old girl as a prey.

This girl is reading you well and she is going to keep far from you.

By the way, you are playing the role of a 'bunna man'. You might get caught one night. The real man may show up and you may throw away your life foolishly.


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