I am dying from AIDS


February 24, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I grew up in a small town in the US. Being a gay male in such a small town was like living in hell. I was made fun of all the time. I met a girl online.

We talked for about a month, then she asked me to come and live with her. She had her own place. She was 26 years old and also gay. She sent me a bus ticket.

I told my mom that the bus ticket was to go to see a friend for the weekend, who moved three hours away. I got on the bus and got to my destination.

I did not go to school. I became so depressed and sick of life. I got into drugs. I was extremely into drugs. I didn't care what it was; if it gave me a high, I would do it.

Then I moved out of the girl's house and was homeless for three to four months. I would go to areas where they were building houses, and I would sneak in there and sleep.

I was away from my mother's house for about eight months and didn't call her at all. Then one night I was at this party. I was so stoned and drunk, I decided to do cocaine.

It wasn't my first time. I snorted about six lines altogether of cocaine in less than three minutes. I started to shake and had spasms, then I blacked out.

In the morning this guy was helping me out, and I was still kind of out of it. He started to hit on me, and he told me that we should have sex. I agreed.

I didn't know him, but my friends did. They told me to do it. I slept with him and didn't know anything about him. At that time I was weighing around 170 pounds.

The next week I had a terrible sore throat, stomach aches, fever, and tremendous weight loss. In two months I had gone from 170 pounds down to 125 pounds.

I thought it was the drugs and didn't think anything of it. Then I dropped to 105 pounds. I was skin and bones. My face sunk in. I was wearing the same clothes for weeks.

Then I called my mom for the first time in a little over a year. She wasn't mad; she wanted me, and I wanted to be with her too. She sent me money to come home.

I went home and she was terrified about how I looked. Then she made me enrol into Job Corps. One of the things they do when you first come in is give you an HIV test.

They did my test, and about one week later, they called me up to the nurse. She had told me that I tested positive for the AIDS virus. I was so scared I didn't know what to do.

Then I had my first doctor appointments. They took my blood and told me to return in two weeks to find out my T-cell count and a full body check-up.

When I went back, they said they had bad news; I had full-blown AIDS.

They said I needed to be put on medication right away. They ran some more tests, and I had to wait a month this time to find out the result.

When I went back to the hospital, they told me that this is a very rare case, and the strand of the virus I have is drug-resistant to all medication they have available.

I don't know exactly when I'll be gone, but doctors said that it will be soon.

People need to know that this isn't a laughing matter. It's serious. I am 18.

AIDS Victim.

Dear AIDS Victim,

I have tried my very best to hide your identity. I have deleted much of the information that you have given. The mistakes you have made cannot be undone, but I thank you for sharing your story with readers.

I hope that others would learn from your mistake. I do not know whether you are still alive, but if you are, I trust that you would commit your life to the Lord.

May God bless not only you, but also your mother. God is able, I am sure, to sustain her.


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