My daughter wants to fight for her man


March 05, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 40 years old, and I have a daughter who is in her early 20s. She is in her last year at university. She got pregnant for a man who is 36 years old. I know that he was friendly with her because she told me, and he was giving her money every week because I could not afford it. She was doing a little weekend work, but he stopped her.

Now she is pregnant for him, and it is only now that I am hearing that he has a babymother. My daughter did not know about this woman, but the woman called her and told her to leave her man alone.

My daughter tried to tell her that she did not know that this man had another woman, but she cursed off my daughter and told her a lot of nastiness and said that if she can't get her man, my daughter can't get him, either.

My daughter asked her boyfriend, and he said that the child that the woman has is not his. When he met her, she was on the street, so he took her and was helping her. He brought a birth certificate and showed it to my daughter, and his name is not on it as the father. My daughter said she is not leaving him, and they are going to get married. I told her not to marry this man as yet. But she has made up her mind, and nobody can stop her. I told her boyfriend to bring the child and let me see because I still don't fully believe that he is talking the truth.

Pastor, how do you see this thing?


Dear P.B.,

This man may or may not be speaking the truth. In fact, the girl who called your daughter may not be speaking the truth, either. But tell your daughter not to fight over this man. She is young, and she has many years ahead of her. A DNA test can prove easily whether this man is the biological father of the child that the woman has. I hope she listens to you. She should not be in a hurry to marry this man. And she should not get into any argument at all with the woman who called her.


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