Raped by a beast of a man


March 07, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 15 years old and my mother walked out leaving my little sister and I with my father. She took my older sister with her. When I was 10 and my sister was six, my father begged her to come back, but she didn't. She told him that as she was happy, she didn't care about anyone.

My father couldn't manage, so he sent us to live with our grandparents. My grandma was on the go and she had to work. At that time I had to take care of my little sister. I washed for both of us. I got sexual abused by a family friend that my grandparents trusted. It wasn't once, but he threatened me. I was little and helpless. I got tired and depressed.

One night, I went over to my friend, who lived next door to us, to sleep. I went home the following morning and saw my mom at the house; she had come to take me. Now that I'm living with her, my sister might be going through the same thing I went through. I blame my mother for all that I went through. When we needed her the most, she was nowhere to be found. We didn't have a mother figure.

My grandma was hardly there and my grandfather doesn't care about anything. We didn't even get invitation to attend our mother's wedding. She will go the extra mile for my older sister, but she won't go or do anything for my younger sister and I. I've been through so much at my age, I won't even mention all of it.


Dear S.S.,

Perhaps your father did not treat your mother very well, so she felt that she had to leave him. Unfortunately, she left your youngest sister and you behind with him. He made a great mistake by sending the both of you to your grandmother. The beast in human form sexually abused you. I can imagine how scared you were to report him. I don't blame you for not doing so, because you were young and you took his threats seriously. He scared you and you are worried now because your younger sister is still at the house with your grandmother. You feel that she might be facing what you have gone through.

Although you are not having the greatest relationship with your mother, I believe that you should report the man who sexually abused you. You are only 15 years old, and you were sexually abused, so you must be very nervous about your sister. Your mother ought to know so that she can move your sister from that house, and even report this man to the police.


This man who abused you should be arrested, tried and sentenced to prison. And I also suggest that you question your little sister as to whether this man, or any other man, has sexually abused her. I hope that you are attending school. I think, also, that you should let your father know what you have gone through. Your father has been very busy, but no man wants to know that his little girl has been sexually abused.

I don't know why your mother did not allow you to attend her wedding. But I want to tell you that as you grow up, you would understand what your mother is really going through. Don't hold anything against her. Trust the good Lord. You did not say what area you live. I suggest that you write me back and let me know whether you are attending school. I will be praying for you, but I need to do anything that is humanly possible to assist you. Tell somebody in the family that you were sexually abused and life has not been good to you. Your mother and grandmother need to know what happened and how you are feeling now.

The person your grandmother trusted should be severely dealt with. He is a wicked man.


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