Someone is trying to steal my child


March 16, 2018

Dear Pastor,

My daughter needs counselling, but at present I cannot afford it. It was 16 years ago that a lady in our area went out and came back with a young baby, claiming she found her. Everyone scorned the baby. I was shocked at everyone's response, so I took her home and placed an announcement on RJR, but no one came forward. So I took her to children services, then I adopted her. She has been doing well in school and in sports.

Now, the lady, along with her daughter, saw her on the news and then they invited her to their home and told her that whatever I told her is a lie and they are her mother and grandmother. They also told her that when she reaches 18 I am going to throw her out. I never had that intention. She is supposed to be sitting 10 subjects next year and already has two college offers abroad. They are playing with my child's head. They have not spoken to me since they confessed that they are related to my baby.

If I knew the child was their flesh and blood, I would not have touched her. I would have looked on her like everyone and do nothing else. But if I had left the baby that night, I could not live with myself. I believe in my heart that I did the right thing. I love my baby and have no regrets for what I did, but they are making me look and feel like a fool. Everyone takes it for a joke.

She claims she does not know who to believe and is confused. I cannot afford a counsellor for her. I thought I was doing the right thing.


Dear M.M.,

I trust that you have come to realise that by accepting this child as your very own, you have done something that is good and outstanding, and I hope that this young lady has done well in school. You sent me this letter long ago, but I would love to hear from you again.

Please, take the time to write and tell me what has transpired over the years. God bless you, my dear sister. I wish there were more women like you.


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