My man won't admit he's cheating


March 24, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I need your advice. I met a guy at a party, and we exchanged numbers and stuff. He told me that he was single.

We communicated over the phone until we decided to meet each other again. He invited me to his house. After a couple of visits, we decided to take things more seriously.

This man started to search my phone and doesn't want me to search his. So, one night while he was sleeping, I guessed his code.

When I searched his phone, I saw about 10 different women who he was texting. He told all of them how much he loves them and that he was still with his babymother.

He is still with her straight out and wanted to get me pregnant. His son is three years old. The woman doesn't live with him, but I got to find out that when I am not there, he goes to visit her.

We even attended a dance together close to where she lives, and he still tells me that he is single. This man swore on his child's life that he doesn't have any other women.

I came to visit him last month with hickeys on my neck, and he asked me how they got there. I told him that it was a guy who likes me who held me down and put them there, which was true.

The following night, he went out and didn't come in until daylight. I asked him where he was, and he said he was at a party and he couldn't get to come home.

I went home and blocked him from my phone. We didn't talk for about two weeks until

he called, begging me to come back. What do you

suggest that I do?


Dear T.S.,

You are behaving as if you are someone who is easy to be fooled. You see the way the man behaves when you are at his house. He told you that he is single and that he doesn't have any other women but you.

You found out that he was lying and that his child's mother resists him when you are not there. Don't you think that was enough for you to end the relationship with this man? Nobody should have to tell you that this relationship was not on solid ground.

You stopped talking to him, and now, he is back, begging you to change your mind and come back to him. If you want to make yourself a fool, you may do so. If you have any pride, you will keep as far as possible from this man. The decision is yours.


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