Boyfriend won't open up to me


March 28, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have a boyfriend who is living in the States. We've been together for about five months now. He has a daughter. In the beginning, we were going strong about everything. I even fell in love with him in the space of three months. But since the beginning of January, he has gotten distant. He doesn't call anymore. Whenever I text him, he responds within two hours.

I brought forward the problem at hand, and his response was that he is going through a lot. He hasn't been talking to me about any of this. Everything has been going downhill for us, but I want to stop the habit of walking away whenever difficult times arise. I am only human though, and I have emotional needs.

From a male perspective, what do you think could be the possible cause of the shift? And what advice do you have for me?


Dear K.R.,

What shift are you talking about? This relationship is long-distance, and a long-distance relationship can be very stressful. This man does not tell you about all his problems. Perhaps he does not feel that he should. Both of you don't even know each other very well. The relationship is only five months old.

My suggestion, therefore, is that you give this relationship more time to grow and try your best not to turn off this man by being bossy.

- Pastor

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