Demons are attacking me


March 28, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I have an issue. I have been having some demonic attacks lately, and I am rather scared. I am just going crazy here without my parents understanding me. I feel so rejected and unloved. I am 15 years old, and I think that I am going to do something harmful to myself. Can you just pray for me after reading this?

Pastor, I think men ought to give women money. If a man has a woman, he should try to give her all that he can. If a man doesn't spend money on his woman, he is going to get 'bun' until he is weak. It is because men do not give women money, why women are so promiscuous these days. Men should treat women well.


Dear M.L.,

You say that you are 15 years old, but the last paragraph of your letter

indicates that you are very mature and experienced. You said you feel rejected and unloved. I am sorry to hear that you feel tormented and that you are not experiencing the love of your


I don't take what you have said lightly at all. I believe that you need help. Perhaps you need to sit with a counsellor who is a Christian and tell him/her how you feel and ask him/her to give you guidance and to pray for you. Prayer can be very powerful.

I do not know what type of church you attend, but in the Book of James, believers are encouraged to call for the elders of the church and let the elders pray for them for their healing. You might not be physically ill, but you need healing of the mind. I will be praying for you, but you do need to find a counsellor who would help you


I hope that you are not having any struggle with a man. You are only 15, so I hope that you are focusing on your schoolwork and that you are not emotionally involved with any man. Nevertheless, I thank you for

expressing yourself on how you feel about relationships. I trust that you will never be promiscuous. Again, I will be praying for you.

- Pastor

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