Mom said my dad can't please her in bed


March 28, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am 23 years old and my mother is 50 years old. My father is 63 years old. He is strong and a hard worker. I have been married for nine months, and I am pregnant. My husband said that one evening while he was at (our home) my parents' home, he heard my father cursing my mother and he called her, a whore because she is keeping another man with him.

My father knew that my husband heard him. He told my father that he should not say what he did, but my father repeated what he said. My mother told my father that the reason she has to keep another man with him is because he is unable to 'sex' her well. She also told him that she wants what he can't give to her.

My husband told me that he knows the man who is having sex with my mother. He picks her up from work sometimes. I talked to my mother about what my father accused her of, and she said she didn't mean to say that to my father, it just slipped out of her mouth. She said that the man is just her good friend.

Before I got married, I heard my mother telling one of her female friends the type of sex she likes and that my father is a waste of time. My father is not stupid, another man is touching my mother. I see the types of underwear my mother is wearing, and they can't be sexier. She never used to wear these sexy panties. Something must be happening, and I don't want my father to get into trouble. Please help me.


Dear T.M.,

You rightly said your father is not a fool. He is aware that something is going on, and it is affecting him. Therefore, he is prepared to talk about it.

When your mother told you that she was not

serious when she told your father she wanted someone to sex her and he can't manage, it didn't just slip out of her mouth. She meant every word. Some women in your mother's age group are very hot.

Let me put it straight to you. Your mother is still in her sexual peak, and she may even remain that way until she is in her 60s and beyond. Anyway, if your mother had respect for your father, she would not be so bold in carrying on such an affair. You should declare to your mother that what she is doing is shameful. and you are unhappy with her, so she should bring an end to the affair.

- Pastor

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