I want to give someone a job


March 31, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I was on the Internet and saw that many young people in the slums in Kingston don't have any food to eat and don't have jobs. They have to be begging.

I live in Canada, but I have property in Westmoreland and Montego Bay. In Montego Bay, I have a villa that will be opening soon. It has a restaurant and a bar.

I would like to help one of these suffering young men as a handy person to keep my flowers and lawn up to date. He will learn a lot. I will help him with everything as long as he is the right person.

I need a very good person who is honest, someone who is not a thief or killer, someone who hasn't broken the law and who I think will be a part of my family. He will get the chance to live on the property.


Dear S.W.,

If anyone is willing to work for you, I will advise you. I think you should know that I would have absolutely nothing to do with the person you should employ. I can't vouch for anyone's integrity. You would have to interview all those who are interested and make your decision.


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