Trying to survive an obeah curse


April 04, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I need your advice. I went to a popular boys' school for five years, but the last year was terrible. That was from 2009, and it's been like that ever since.

I was a victim of witchcraft. Someone went to an obeah man to kill me, and life has been a living hell for me ever since.

I would be dead if it wasn't for God. I was literally staying alive because of prayer that took effect instantly at a church.

A year later, I decided to go back to school to further my studies. I studied customer service for two years.

While I was studying, I had to be visiting a psychiatrist because I wasn't sleeping any at all. I would be in bed for the entire night until dawn every day. So I had to keep getting my monthly supply of medications to save me from dying.

I needed the rest but was unable to because of the obeah. During that time, I knew my illness wasn't from a natural cause because I already made progress with God's help, but I still wasn't sleeping.

The next major problem was poverty, and it still is today. I don't have money to supply my needs. I live in St Catherine and because of my sleep issue I cannot manage a job in Kingston.

While I was studying customer service I remember going on job experience. I passed with flying colours. But that is not my problem.

After completing the job experience, I was paid $15,000. They said it should cover bus fare and lunch for the three weeks.

People are well aware that there are basic needs in life. I didn't even get one extra pay to buy anything. It was just fare and lunch money for the three weeks.

I found out that my supervisor was aware that I was very ill. When I was on the job experience, he wasn't speaking to me as he would with the other students.

The system in Jamaica is very corrupt. Politicians don't do much for the citizens. The economy in Jamaica is not even good because of the corrupt government.


Many people like myself are very poor. I get so hungry at times. I have to beg people and I can't keep a job because of my illness.

Why can't they get serious and lend a helping hand? They know that I am struggling and yet I can't get any help.

I was told some time ago that I can get well easily. A pastor told me that there is remedy for my sickness. He also told me that there are persons who can 'read me' and help me, but they require money. I am frustrated.

How will I get money to seek help for myself? The illness might even kill me soon if I don't get the correct remedy.

I want to migrate. I just need a little assistance now. My life is wasting away and I have no one who cares. Why should they? They have their own life to live with their own struggles and responsibilities. So why should I stick around?

I know that people have something for me and refuse to help me. Instead they mock me and call me mad. They are comfortable while I am suffering. When I leave this country I am not coming back.


Dear R.M.,

It is so very unfortunate that you are blaming everybody, including the government, for all the problems you face, and you believe that your escape is to go abroad.

I want to tell you that you are sadly mistaken. I will never discourage you from going abroad, but going abroad will not create a miracle for you.

You have to learn right here in Jamaica to change your attitude towards people and towards life in general. Cursing everybody or accusing everybody is not the way forward.

Someone told you that you can get help from a particular church but it will cost you money, and you do not have the money.

Let me make it clear that according to the Bible, "Spiritual healing is for free." There are too many bogus healers who are operating under the cover of certain churches.

My suggestion to you, dear sir, is that you should reject these people. I further suggest that you continue to follow the advice of your doctor. Take your medication.

Don't fail to read your Bible and pray. Change your attitude and life will be better for you.


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