Sister thinks I want her boyfriend


April 06, 2018

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to complain about my sister and her boyfriend. My sister is 22 and I am 25. My sister's boyfriend always liked me. I told my sister about it and she called me a liar.

She said I am trying to destroy her relationship. I don't have to wreck her relationship because I have a boyfriend; and it is not money I want, because I can always get money from my boyfriend.

He has a good job. My sister has to take the bus, but I drive my boyfriend's car whenever I want to.

The only problem I am having with him is that he got married a year ago and he didn't tell me. He said he did not want me to know because he was afraid that I would leave him. I can't leave a man who gives me between $15,000 and $20,000 per week.

Before my sister had her boyfriend, she and I used to sell our bodies. This man who I am with took me off the streets and pays my rent and gives me anything I want.

I am trying to improve myself by going to school. I got rid of all the numbers I had for my old boyfriends and sometimes when I see them, I tell them that I am not in that business anymore, but they don't want to believe me.

I spent one night in a hotel with this man that I am with and that is how we became such good friends and lovers. After that night, he called me every day.

My sister's boyfriend tries to get me to have sex with him. He was willing to pay me for it, but I refused. My sister doesn't know where my boyfriend lives.

Her boyfriend can't walk in my boyfriend's shoes. She is not the only girl he has, but she said she doesn't care; I must just keep away from him.

I love my sister. I told her to tell her man to leave me alone, but she still believes that I am the one who wants him.


Dear M.H.,

I think what you are trying to say is that your sister believes that you are still operating as a prostitute and that you would probably have sex with her boyfriend if he is willing to have sex with you for a price.

I do not know why your sister believes that you have a desire to be with her boyfriend. Evidently, she doesn't trust you.

Two sisters should reason with each other, talk over personal things, but not get into each other's way. I can't encourage you to continue to live off this man who is married.

Please understand that I am not condemning you. I just want you to know that it is not the wisest way to live.

You are only 25. You should try your best to get an education or get a skill from which you can earn a living. Evidently, this man is in a good job, but you should not fully depend on him, because one day that money may dry up. He may stop giving you and you might have to return to the streets or become a call girl.

Perhaps your sister wants to know more about how you live and that is why she feels that you are after her boyfriend. Live in peace with your sister. Keep far from her boyfriend.

Assure her that you are not interested in her man, and encourage her to go back to school, too.


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