The only gunmen I know are the police


April 17, 2018

Dear Pastor,

The only gunmen I know are the police. I was robbed by them on many occasions. I can tell you about them. You may disbelieve me. Once, they took me to an ATM and made me withdraw money because I was intoxicated, and they said that they were going to lock me up if I didn't do it. I was alone and it was night, and I was afraid of them.

The police are so wicked, and women are involved. I rented my sister's room to a young security man and he paid one month's rent, then he started to hide me out. I couldn't get to see him. I opened his window to peep in his room. He colluded with the police to say that I went into his room and stole $64,000. The police came and handcuffed me and told me to pay the boy. I got the money and gave it to them, and they shared it among themselves.

Pastor, one day I was in my long-sleeve shirt and this man just came up to me and held me by my shirt. I was in a bar. I had just bought myself a beer. He said to me, "You know me?" He was in plain clothes. I told him no, but he kept asking and holding me, so I made a move, after which I saw him flying over my head. He landed on his back and then he drew out a gun. Some other plain clothes men ran and grabbed him. I did not know that they were police. I let out some expletives and then they encouraged him to box me in my face about 30 times.


Dear Unnamed,

I cannot say that you have not had some sort of unpleasant encounters with the police. But I want you to know that I don't believe some of the things you have said. I believe that you do not love the police, and you are lying on them. I would not accept that these policemen boxed you 30 times. If that were true, your face would have been swollen and you would have had to seek medical attention.

At the risk of being condemned by you and some readers of this column, I would say to you, I don't believe what you have written. Your story is not straight at all. You accused the police of taking you to the ATM and have you withdraw money, and you have not said that you reported them. Then another time they demanded that you pay back money to a tenant who said you stole from him and they divided the money among themselves. And again, you did not report them.

I know that there are some unscrupulous police officers, but I do not believe that they are guilty of what you have written about them. You are a liar.


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