Weird News


January 27, 2016

A group of women claim that they have "hybrid alien children" who live on spaceships.

Bridget Nielson and Aluna Verse from Arizona, USA, believe the aliens abducted them and their children now live on a spacecraft with their fathers. However, they have no regrets because the sex was the "best they've ever had". Bridget, 27, described being on the spaceship. According to Metro, she said: "It was great! It was an incredible superprimal, super-raw sexual experience. There was a real freedom and we were really going for it. It was the best sex I ever had!"

A dog wandered into a hospital looking for his owner after he had died.

The canine - who has been nicknamed Pirata, which stands for pirate in Spanish - had not realised that his beloved owner had passed away. And although the pup was initially allowed to visit the hospital when the owner was rushed in for treatment, after the man died, staff wanted the pet gone. However, Pirata kept returning to room 404, where he last saw his friend, and a video of his efforts captured by medical staff has gone viral online. No-one has claimed Pirata, who is yet to leave San Antonia de Padua Hospital in central Argentina's city of Rio Cuarto.

IKEA is curating its first ever exhibition titled 'The Collection'.

Eccentric Brits are spending PS287 a year on their passion for collecting, and the furniture giant has launched a show that will celebrate the lives and loves of some the UK's greatest collectors. Weird and wacky items will be displayed - from taxidermy to Doll's House Furniture and Beatles memorabilia. The research also found that the average British home contains PS7,176 worth of collectibles, while seven million people in the UK collect stamps. The exhibition by IKEA ran at The Proud Archivist gallery in London from January 21 to 23.

Stacey Solomon took dozens of commuters pogoing along London's South Bank to encourage them to trade the tube for a less tedious journey.

The 'The X Factor' finalist has teamed up with Mini Babybel Light after it was revealed that Brits are more joyful in January than we think. Commenting on her pogoing espionage, Stacey said: "Today has really encapsulated the feel-good factor that is currently sweeping across the nation. I'm a bubbly person and I try as much as I can to think positively even in January! I'm thrilled that the nation seems to be embracing the start of the year and aren't afraid to let out their big kid to make themselves feel good."

The 'Lighter Start to the Year' campaign is designed to spread joy across the nation.