Weird News


January 30, 2016

A councillor has tweeted about the 'awkward' moment he buried the wrong cat.

Matt Strong, who represents the ward of Chorlton in Manchester is searching for a dead cat's owner after he witnessed the animal being run over in a hit-and-run accident and thought it was his pet, Gus. Matt assumed the grey tabby was his own three-year-old kitty and gave it a full send off in his garden. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News he explained: "I buried it in my garden. Then my cat was alive and well in my kitchen. I feel really bad for whoever it belongs to. I know exactly how they will feel. It goes to show how fast cars go along Barlow Moor Road."

People with abnormally slow body clocks will be perfect for travelling to Mars.

Early risers could be prohibited from going to Mars because scientists found that they have the wrong internal clock for life on the Red Planet. Professor Andrew Loudon, University of Manchester told The Telegraph newspaper: "If we ever do get to the Red Planet, I suspect we will be faced with body-clock problems. Those people with abnormally slow body clocks would be best suited to living there."

A man pays PS6,000 to sit in a mop-cupboard on his commute by train into work.

The passenger, who does not want to be named, travels from Ipswich to London five days a week and purchases the ticket every year, but it does not guarantee him a proper seat. He told the Daily Mirror: "I can usually get an official seat on the way in during the morning rush hour, but in the evening, the train I catch, the 6:30, is usually, so full there's no space. "I found this some time ago and I use it quite often. No one seems to mind, but it isn't great."

A couple is selling their house that is perfect for the ultimate animal lover.

The British zoo - the Animalarium in Borth, near Aberystwyth in Wales - has 300 varieties of creatures and is home to meerkats, monkeys and even crocodiles, and has gone on the market for PS600,000. It's being sold by Jean Mumbray, 76, and her 56-year-old husband, Alan, and was a rare breeds farm with animals such as sheep, rabbits and poultry, but they transformed it into a zoo because of their obsession with exotic animals.