Jeffrey Hype launches first rhythm


November 08, 2016
FILE Jeffrey Hype

Dancehall personality Jeffrey Hype has launched his first rhythm project, the Training Yaad Riddim, on the new 1st Class Musiq label.

The rhythm features a great mix of established and up-and-coming acts. Blak Ryno, a former member of the Gaza Empire, leads out with Play Station.

He boasts: "If a that yu seh mi ready/anyhow mi lift up the mattic offa mi belly ... mi mattic have duppy shares inna the cemetery." Reggae star Turbulance contributes Chalice, where he burns fire and summons earthquakes on news carriers, beggars, perverts and other social misfits. He lays down the laws about who in his smoking circle can draw from his chalice, with great wit and emotion. Newcomer Bryka delivers the soulful My Pain Real, yet another song in the neo-soul style which is so popular in dancehall today. Bryka asks for strength from Jah to 'carry the load' and reminisces on the early days of poverty in his own life, and offers hope for anyone who has pondered escape from the urban ghetto.

"1st Class Musiq plans to do a video for Bryka's single while Blak Ryno's video will be shot overseas," said Hype. Laden teams up with Axygen for Get Gyal, where both use creative wordplay to boast about their 'gallis' abilities. The rhythm was built by engineer Point 9, and the project, officially released October 29, is distributed by Hapilos 21st.