Mix up and Blenda | Him a wutliss bwoy, ole liad!

October 22, 2015

Wooooiiieeee!! Big up all crasses, big up all God blessed. Bless up all a mi Ragashanti Live listeners pon Tambourine Radio ova www.tambourineradio.com. Trang up unu self. Straight blessings! Hot ya now....mek wi move to di drama right away!

Wutliss bwoy, ole liad!

Hi Raga,

After five years of not dating seriously, I finally decide to step out there. I met this man and we have been courting for about three months. Honestly, at first I was skeptical because he is younger than I am (8 years). He speaks very intelligently and is very respectable. He is always telling me how he cannot wait to have me, how he is going to lick me all over my body and let me sing his name.

Well, here come the messed up part. I decided to give him the juju and Raga, what a disappointment! Yes, he does swipe but I have had better and I mean much better! And the sort out, well that was a wrap. After climbing on him and give him a two wine him come! His little supm could not even full out the condom, which I was completely shock due to the way he was talking. Raga, I was so frigging disappointed I said I was not going to pursue the relationship anymore. Raga, the man left and I was pissed off, because after five years I was expecting to be completely satisfied and fulfilled.

Well, he call me to tell me he was sorry and that he will make it up to me. He said he was just very anxious and that is why he come so quickly.

My question to you, is why is it that some man love to brag about what they can do from what they cannot do but yet it turn out they cannot do squat? I am at a lost because I really like this man, but I cannot accept his swiping or sorting out behavior. I need more, I want more and I must be satisfy when I am done. Do you think I should give him a second chance or just let him go and call it a wrap?

Seriously disappointed.

Hot ya now ... a yah so noice!! Weh yuh say... yuh jus dash out two bad wine pon di dawg an him pap off like wen ole firehose buss??!!!! Dwl!! Mi cyaan bada enoh. Man full a chat an cyaan slap dat, doan?? Him hype yuh up bout anaconda an bus out wid a likkle worm, doan? Tool pap dung, an tongue pap dung. Cyaan Waist Up an cyaan Face Up. Wat a piece a juju-depression di crasses put yuh inna! Oh God.... mi sorry fi yuh esi. Bwoy get mi cross how him neva deal wid di matta prapaly. Big an serious yuh know yuh shoulda did girt di wretch an shat him two bax!! Him too lie man. He engaged in a terrible fraud which resulted in you surrendering your juju under false promises! Bwoy shoulda get two bax an a facial!! Cho!!

Anyways...hush yaa baby....a soh some a di dutty man dem lie an wicked.

But to ansa yuh question, it simple, if him neva did tell yuh all dem lie deh yuh wouldn't run di ting pon him. Nuff man know say dem sort-out game nuh hundred an tell woman bare lie fi get di green light. Nuff bwoy roll like juju top shotta wid some big machine wen dem really a buss some baby py-py - an den still tell a bag a lie fi get di run tru di catty dem pearly gates.

Jus learn fram dis yaa putus. Mi know unu woman love confident man, an unu love fi see an hear di confidence before unu lie dung wid man. But jus' know say some man can tun on a false confidence fi get woman fi open dem front door. Nex time balance yuh ting. An yuh can all do weh some woman do - test dem first....**wink wink**.

Mek a lef dat right deh soh.....lol

Awright, a leggomentz ya now. Link mi wid unu drama dem at ragashanti@ragashanti.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Str8 blessings.


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