Lisa nyam smaddy white fowl?

March 06, 2017

With the whole uproar and judgement weh drop pon Lisa Hanna like bombs from Baghdad recently, even me did haffi tek cover because I was so aghast by the things I read and heard. The ugly, obscene, disrespectful and outrageous messages that I read online, and degrading things that came out of the mouths of many, mi did a wonder a who fah birthright she teef or a who fah mumma white fowl she nyam!

No sah! It was scandalous and shameful, to say the least.

I don't have enough superlatives to describe how shocked and horrified I was. A dat yuh call rude awakening! Mi did a try wonder to myself, has anyone ever defended our national heroes in this way? Mi a tell unnu seh mi heart grieve over some of the comments I read. And what was overly disappointing was that many females were condoning, applauding and participating in lambasting Lisa.

There are grounds on which some will agree with Lisa Hanna, and there are grounds on which her argument may not be deemed as sound in law, and so, persons may disagree. Frankly, persons may also disagree just because dem support Kartel and a Gaza dem seh! Whichever is the case, there are ways to disagree with respect. It is one thing to 'style' and 'class' someone, but a sad situation when people are going to wish death upon, threaten and assassinate someone's character because of a disagreement.

Persons are going to have their views as to whether or not the DJ is recording in prison and whether he should be allowed to record or benefit from recordings. To my knowledge, there is no law that prohibits this. And his sentencing guidelines did not stipulate whether he can record.

Kartel's matter has not been completely ventilated in the courts, and, as such, he has two appeals left to properly ascertain how his matter will be decided. There is the Court of Appeal and the matter can go up to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, if needs be.




In the meantime though, let us not resort to barbaric rhetoric or comments that would make a woman, a mother, a human being feel bullied, intimated or unsafe. If a deh so di ting deh, it sad bad!

I do not condone or support violence against women, in words or deeds. Women, if we don't stand up for something, when the disrespect and the disdain come a your door, a how yuh a go manage?! Think on these things!

Big up unnu nice, clean self until ... . Mi luv unnu!

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